Business Partner Search Services

Nawneet Pandey is a specialist firm in identifying business partner for a multinational corporation (company or firm) – manufacturer, exporter, importer, trader, franchise, distributor, wholesaler, retailer etc. Our specialist teams of industry specialists help our clients to define the criteria for selection of business partner based on the tenure of existence, industry expertise, domain expertise – technical and financial, geographical presence etc. We work diligently to conduct market intelligence in relation to the respective product(s) or service(s) which are planned to enter into newer markets or expand market-size of the company in existing established markets.

We conduct extensive primary and secondary research so that the client company can identify its business partner based on market intelligence studies done by our team. We conduct due diligence – technical and financial, and competitive intelligence of given business partners in relation to the product(s) or service(s) of the client organisation.

Nawneet Pandey has fully-equipped primary/ market research and secondary/ business research teams. This helps us to conduct due-diligence quickly and efficiently. We conduct multiple physical visits to the companies which qualify our performance-based criteria of business partner(s). We identify multiple choices of business partners, so that the client can make fact-based decisions and gradually establish business relationships with the finally selected business partner(s).