Dyad refers to a Face-To-Face (FTF or F2F) Interviewing technique which is conducted with two respondents who share their responses and information by interacting with each other over a stipulated period of time. The respondents (participants) are recruited based on similar consumer-behavior, consumption-patterns and mindsets. Discussion is a group act involving information-sharing. As qualitative researchers, our researchers aim at establishing mutual-understanding amongst all the respondents about their consumer-behaviour.

Benefits of Dyads:
• Offer prompt feedback on a specific product or service
• To have true facts about the product or service, market or industry
• Be specific in pointing anomalies or deficiencies in a specific product or service

Additional Benefits of Dyads:
• Ask respondents to suggest remedies or solutions to the anomalies or deficiencies in a specific product or service
• Agreement on specific action related to a product or service
• Respondents’ desire to help the related organization through their real-time feedback
• Dyads help the respondents to gain self-confidence