Financial Research

Financial research is merely a term that is used to denote to the probing of relevant financial data from the various evidence platforms available and to process it to determine value for the final data-consumer. Financial researchers are the specialists who usually provide information on Forex Trading, Stock Exchanges, and Government Bonds amongst many others.

The active and extremely structured financial services industry puts significant pressure on financial researchers, analysts and investors to deliver sensible, acquiescent and astute research reports. However, time-consuming tedious tasks must also be performed. We, at Nawneet Pandey, apply our wide-ranging industry experience and high-tech expertise to emerging solutions for financial services companies. We’ll improve and hasten your routine tasks and supply clean data and all-inclusive support for perceptive analyses.

For several clients in the Financial Research Outsourcing sphere, we are the only provider handling proprietary financial catalogues. We follow a grown, advanced and consistent quality control attitude for our Financial Research Outsourcing services – sourcing of extraordinary talent, right-fit staffing and dynamic research management strengthen the value of financial research services. Processes for talent sourcing are modified for each client and “client fit” is evaluated prior to on-boarding.

Our Financial Research Outsourcing analysts follow a unique tactic to quality management through devoted domain/ segment leads. Sector Leads assist in knowledge transmission, display research output quality and manage associate’s work evolution. Quality of deliverables has been at the core of our established relationship with our clients. Thus, in all these years, none of our clients for Financial Research Outsourcing have moved to other suppliers.


Our basic Financial Research and Analytics include following activities:

  • Financial Statement Analysis – Providing a thoughtful insight into the key drivers of a company’s historical and latent future financial performances.
  • Earnings Tracker and Newsletters – Combining the key data based on earnings results.
  • Uniform Comparable Demonstration – Combining functioning and valuation data on a set of similar companies or contacts to provide valuation context
  • Market and Industry Trackers – We offer daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly screens and bulletins that deliver timely, curated views of actions and data on a specific topic or industry.
  • Capital Structure Analysis – Merging debt and equity analytics to deliver a comprehensive interpretation on their inferences to operating metrics and the possible risks and returns to debt and equity holders.