In-depth Interviewing (IDI) or Dipstick Surveying

In-depth Interviewing (IDI) or Dipstick Surveying is conducted by gathering qualitative information related to the research topic. Nawneet Pandey has experienced domain-experts, who have spent several years in specific industries, and they can diligently gather market-intelligence on the research topic.

The researchers create survey questionnaire, which help them to gather consumer demographics and psychographics, focusing on a topic – product or service, which has to be analysed. The majority of questions in In-depth Interviews (IDI) or Dipstick Surveys are open-ended ones, meaning that the respondents are needed to speak multiple statements for one question. In this way, the researcher gathers all relevant information on all questions and they can make a highly-accurate qualitative research report. This research method is used for gathering deeper insights in all topics on the respective research subject.

The sample size in the Qualitative In-depth Interviews (IDI) or Dipstick Surveys is very small as compared to Quantitative research interviews. The moderators/ interviewers/ researchers need to personally meet with the respondents and gather their responses on notebook or a computer.
We, Nawneet Pandey, are experts in conducting In-depth Interviews (IDI) or Dipstick Surveys in almost all geographical locations across India. We have been conducting these interviews in almost all industries/ sectors/ markets.