Intellectual Property (IP) Research Services

Nawneet Pandey provides all kinds of Intellectual Property (IP) Research Services to its clients, local or global. The client organisation needs to just define the category of the Intellectual Property (IP) – Patent, filed by its management or a competitor. All knowledge-driven and innovation-led organisations – whether Research and Development (R&D) centric firms, or business organisations, the strategies on Intellectual Property (IP) are a significant part of their overall business strategies.

We fully agree on the point that, in today’s competitive business environment, an organisation’s Intellectual Property (IP), helps it enhance brand value, brand recognition, and drive business opportunities. We have always found that the concerns about a company’s Intellectual Property (IP) assets or other patent-related issues are driving more strategic considerations within organizations.

Our team of Intellectual Property (IP) and Patent research analysts and technology domain specialists work with our Market/ Business Research, Management Consulting, and Business Advisory teams to blend business analysis and valuation opinion with patent research to offer unmatched in-depth analyses and insights when identifying solutions to key questions pertaining to your Intellectual Property (IP) strategy.

We engage with our clients in almost all Intellectual Property (IP) based Patent Filing activities as follows:

  • Patent Creation – Patent Drafting, Patent Filing, Design Patent Drawings, conduct Defensive Publication
  • Patent Support and Management – Patent Proofreading, Remote Patent Docketing, Patent Translation, File History Analysis, Data Verification
  • Patent Searching
  • Patent Litigation Services
  • Patent Licensing Services etc.