Market Research

Market research has been the forte of Nawneet Pandey. We have been pioneers in providing unbiased and objective results to our clients to have a crisp and impeccable perspective of their company’s marketing campaign. In recent years, we have delivered and helped businesses find insights that are highly valuable for executing a better business. Our front-line technology platforms ensure that collected information is reliable and real-time, along with insightful analytics. It is very essential for all the consumer focused companies to have a strong sense of W’s such as What, When, Where and Why their consumers like to buy.

Our product and customer acumen facilitate companies to coordinate their marketing mix with consumer behaviour. Our endeavour is to provide world class qualitative and quantitative research solution to our clients. Our primary/ market research helps companies to analyze data and effectiveness of current practices. We help businesses to take competition into consideration while conducting the market research.

Our Primary research includes following steps:

  • Sampling of prospective clients/ customers to get the straight and precise feedback
  • Face-to-Face (FTF/ F2F) or One-on-One Interviewing
  • Telephonic Interviewing
  • Surveying (Online or Email-based)

While conducting the Market/ Primary Research (MR), we focus on probing the factors that stimulate consumers to buy a certain product/ service along with their demographics and psychographics, including liking/disliking.

As part of market/ primary research, we help clients in establishing their actual competition and identifying target customer base/ consumer base. Our skilled teams help our esteemed clients/ companies in data collection, both Quantitative and Qualitative. Our quantitative analysis is completely mathematical analysis which delivers the actual desired results. The main focus of qualitative analysis is to fine-tune the quantitative research mechanism and provide qualitative steps to be taken by companies to optimize and increase top-lines as well as bottom-lines.

We, at Nawneet Pandey, believe that an effective Primary/ Market Research (MR) is the foundation of future growth for the companies/ enterprises.