Dyad, Triad and Quad

Dyad refers to a Face-To-Face (FTF or F2F) Interviewing technique which is conducted with two respondents who share their responses and information by interacting with each other over a stipulated period of time. The respondents (participants) are recruited based on similar consumer-behavior, consumption-patterns and mindsets. Discussion is a group act involving information-sharing. As qualitative researchers, our researchers aim at establishing mutual-understanding amongst all the respondents about their consumer-behaviour.
Benefits of Dyads:
• Offer prompt feedback on a specific product or service
• To have true facts about the product or service, market or industry
• Be specific in pointing anomalies or deficiencies in a specific product or service

Additional Benefits of Dyads:
• Ask respondents to suggest remedies or solutions to the anomalies or deficiencies in a specific product or service
• Agreement on specific action related to a product or service
• Respondents’ desire to help the related organization through their real-time feedback
• Dyads help the respondents to gain self-confidence


A triad is a research method/ technique consisting of three-person social group, who may be acquainted with each-other. A triad brings higher level of consumer insights as the third respondent helps interviewers to know the points of disagreement within the group as the group would mostly be looking for mutual agreement amongst all three individuals.


A quad is a four-person social group, where these four individuals discuss on their consumer perceptions and attitudes towards a specific relevant topic.
A quad may give highly accurate insights on all queries put forward by the moderator, amongst all these three research methods.
Our highly-experienced moderators guide the participants to become talkative, expressive and more observant. They motivate the respondents guiding them throughout the conversation to maintain suitable directions confirming all issues are covered. Our moderators are efficient to supervise the discussions or conversations ensuring that the respondents are allowed to be share all their perspectives on a subject-matter. Our moderation-experts are able to carry out these discussions providing general opinion and consumer-specific feedback of all the respondents and they always maintain topic-related neutrality at all times during the discussions.