Online Surveying or Online Interviewing

Online Surveying or Online Interviewing is conducted by gathering interviewees’ responses, which they put in response to the questionnaires shared with them through their email addresses or phone numbers.

Online Surveying or Online Interviewing is done across few stages which are mentioned below:
• A researcher formulates a research survey questionnaire, with all relevant questions focused to gather demographics and psychographics of the respondent populations.

• A survey programmer creates a research-focused computer program so that the research survey can be hosted on a computer-server. The programmer creates a survey link, which is shared with all the target respondent populations, across all geographies globally.
• The respondent opens the survey link and enters his/ her responses as per his/ her personal experience about an issue or topic. All survey responses are saved at the server.

• The computer programmer extracts the survey responses in a worksheet.
• The data analyst conducts survey analysis by using some specialised software utilities like Microsoft Excel, SPSS or SAS.
• The analysed response sheet is used to make a final research report, which contains reporting charts, graphs, and summarised statements. The researcher creates the research which may also contain recommendations based on research reports.