Performance Evaluation Services
Nawneet Pandey is a specialist management consulting, research and analytics firm in conducting performance evaluation studies for our client(s). The Performance Evaluation Studies help client(s) to compare its business partners, competitors, future associate(s)/ affiliate(s) based on certain industry-benchmarks.

We conduct primary or secondary research study by designing questionnaire or discussion guide, doing data analysis and finally formulate research report. This research report helps us to understand in-depth about the performance of an organisation based on certain criteria, which are used to benchmark any organisation in an industry/ industry/ market.

We work with all kinds of client companies and their business partners – a local company, a multinational company – manufacturer, exporter, importer, trader, franchise, distributor, wholesaler, retailer etc. We evaluate and benchmark a client organisation based on certain parameters, such as the tenure of existence, industry expertise, domain expertise – technical and financial, geographical presence etc. We formulate a checklist of business parameters for conducting performance evaluation of the target organisation. Then, we conduct primary research interviews and identify all the areas where the firm is already present and where it plans to make inroads in future. We also conduct due-diligence studies – technical and financial, focused on performance evaluation of a specific client organisation in relation to the product(s) or service(s) of the client organisation.

There are some situations in which the companies’ middle-level and top-level management teams are unable to scientifically evaluate the internal overall performance of the teams and the organisation(s), due to their existing professional and personal relations with their colleagues. This is not applicable for a specialist management consulting, research and analytics firm, which conducts accurate, unbiased, and elaborate performance evaluation studies to understanding business ranking of a specific organisation. It helps our clients to better understand the market-positioning of a target organisation, and forge business relationships with the finally selected business partner(s).