Secondary (Online or Computer-based or Business) Research

As part of secondary research, we help clients exploit the prevailing records, surveys, studies based on internet-based online research. Secondary Research is usually less time-consuming and more economical.

The basic idea of secondary research is to yield more valuable information which is practically not possible to identify from Primary Research such as assessing macro-economic conditions and personal information. Some of the key resources of secondary research include sales invoices, receipts and formal complaints which sheds more light on the issues that business is trying to identify from primary/ market research.

Another key secondary research resource includes the statistical data which can be obtained through various official governmental statistical information-providers and other private companies.

Business Research

As part of Business Research, we enable companies to identify and understand their business in a better way. Most of the businesses do not have in-depth knowledge and skilled staff to conduct secondary research. Hence, Nawneet Pandey helps clients in identifying several components of typical business research.

Our extensive four (4) step business research model includes:

  • Evaluation of target audience
  • Understanding customers
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) Analysis

Online Research

Online research helps researchers to gather information related to market conditions, customer demographics/ psychographics and past, present, and future business prospects in a particular industry/ sector. The evolution of internet has helped small businesses to conduct a low-cost market research (MR), mainly online research. There are various tools and techniques which help researchers in conducting online research.

Some of the basic tools and techniques include the following categories:

  • Read Blogs
  • Conduct Online Survey
  • Competitor Links
  • Keyword Search

We, at Nawneet Pandey (NP), assist/ help companies in conducting the online market research (MR) and in eliminating common errors/ mistakes to make the companies successful business ventures.

Some of the common mistakes, mentioned below, can ruin the entire market research process:

  • Reaching and interviewing influenced respondents
  • Treating online surveys like “Pen and Paper Interviews”
  • Overlooking errors
  • Missing astute crosstabs

Choosing Nawneet Pandey (NP) will not only give you an extraordinary market research (MR) solution, but you can also benefit from our professional researchers making an effective valuation about your company’s latent strengths and weaknesses.