Nawneet Pandey serves its diversified global esteemed clients across multiple industries (sectors/ segments). We are a specialized Information Technology Enabled Service (ITES) firm providing its wide range of tailor-made services in all industries/ sectors, ranging from manufacturing to services, providing primary (market) research, secondary (computer-based or online or business) research, data analytics, business (market) intelligence, management consulting, advisory services, outsourcing/ off-shoring or in-sourcing/ in-shoring (KPO, RPO, LPO, BPO) et al. rising on phenomenal growth trajectory. We have been gladly serving some of the most renowned and successful global organizations to deliver measurable business-value addition in the areas served.

We have a globally localized presence based upon our association with several global strategic partners to serve our on-shore and offshore clients. Our company extends its technological capabilities and business expertise through a powerful global network of industry alliances to all its esteemed clients. We help our esteemed client companies derive significant measurable business value-addition in the respective business verticals.