Tablet Programming

Skilful programming of Tablets and Smart Phones is largely being sought in a bid to optimise the resourcefulness of Tablets (and also for I-Pads and Android smart phones) so purposeful information could be collected, evaluated and utilized, while the enterprises dwell upon their products, pricing and other schemes by taking customers’ sentiments into the policy making. As such, efficient tablet programming is ensured on premium tablets, I-pads and on Android based smart phones, which are pre-equipped with specialized survey apps and which further facilitate recording data while surveys are taken. Market surveys are an ideal way to formulate marketing tactics and to make precise customer reach and to record customers’ sentiments for further product or service update.

At Nawneet Pandey, our digital experts are pretty proficient in re-programming PDAs and digital communication devices such as Smart phones, I-Pads and Tablets. Our wisely programmed tablets simply unleash the following advantages, when the crucial customer data is to be collected during surveys:

  • Exclusive support for off-line data recording
  • Re-formatting of data into spreadsheets and/ or other formats
  • Facility to track location of surveys through GPS adaptability
  • Our digitized tablets and survey apps can have multi-lingual support
  • We can program specific questions and can arrange them into specific loops and branches on the basis of priority
  • Reliable data back-up is ensured; so no fear for survey data being lost or is being mishandled
  • Explicit data security is ensured and user access is controlled through multi-level security and data access layers
  • Editing and questions updates are possible through our versatile survey application support
  • Extremely user-friendly and far easier to manage and to operate
  • Sufficient space to record comments and to prepare important notifications during surveys
  • Our programmed PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) i.e., tablets can record voice, images and videos too
  • Programming for official messaging and inter-staff communication with superfluous ease